Whether you’re an avid walker or just like to count the steps in your daily routine, make your steps count and take on a walking challenge for Asthma + Lung UK.

There are so many different walking challenges you could take on – from 10,000 steps a day, to a mountain trek, or somewhere in between! Take on your challenge anywhere and whenever you'd like.

Just £22 could help someone to receive
life-saving advice from our
Respiratory Specialists.
Start walking, collect your sponsorship and make your steps count!

How do I get started?

  1. Register your walk with us so we can offer you all the support you need!
  2. You’ll get an online page created for your donations (you can collect cash donations offline too) and a free t-shirt for your event.
  3. Start fundraising – kick things off by making a donation yourself, it’s the best way to inspire other donations.
  4. Spread the word about your amazing challenge with your friends, family and on social media.
Need anything at all? Drop us an email.

Not sure what to do?

We've got you covered!

10,000 steps a day

Challenge yourself to walk a number of steps a day for a month (or more!)

Distance challenge

Challenge yourself to walk a specific distance a day or over a month.


Embrace the challenge and take on a trek, like the Three Peaks or the Hadrian's Wall path.

Social Walk

Walk with friends and end your route at a nice coffee shop or pub for a well-deserved treat!

Dog walk

And if you don't have a dog why not volunteer to walk someone else's?

Stair climb

At home or at the gym, it's an easy way to factor your challenge into your daily routine.

Ray’s Story

I was married to Jean for just over 40 years. I become widowed 12 years ago after she developed mesothelioma, a lung cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. I also lost my mother Jane in 1979 and most recently my brother David in May 2021 to the disease. My plan is to complete 20 million steps over three years, picking up 1000 bags of litter along the way on my walks. I’m absolutely delighted with people’s generosity, and we have raised around £1,600 in a year. It’s fantastic as times have been hard.“


Any questions?