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Our vision

At Asthma + Lung UK our vision is for a world where everyone has healthy lungs. A world where lung health is prioritised through better understanding, research, treatment and support. 

And we will be the driving force behind the transformation of lung health. 

From research and campaigning, to advice and support, as the nation’s lung charity we are on a mission to change the way that lung health is perceived. 

Right now, the situation needs drastic improvement. We need change to improve the lives of millions of people with lung conditions. 

To make this happen, at Asthma + Lung UK we have a battle plan to help us shift attitudes about the way lung health is seen in the UK and drive real progress. 

Our battle plan

By 2027 we aim to reduce deaths and ill-health caused by lung conditions by 20%. But to achieve this we’ll need to:  

Prevent lung disease wherever we can – by fighting for clean air, against smoking and to stop the injustice that lung disease hits the poorest hardest.

Diagnose lung disease earlier and more accurately – by improving public awareness of the symptoms of lung disease and developing ways to diagnose lung conditions, so people aren’t left fighting for breath without knowing what’s happening.

Enable everyone to live well with a lung condition – by giving the best possible support and information so people can stay well and out of hospital, and fighting to make high-quality care a reality for everyone who has difficulty breathing.

Drive life-changing research and innovation – and push to triple public funding in this area to £150 million each year. We’ll ensure no stone is left unturned when it comes to finding a treatment, cure or a better way to diagnose lung disease.

Because breath is life - and that’s worth fighting for. 

Our Impact

With your help, we’re changing the world. Your support empowers millions of people affected by asthma and lung conditions.

Last year we invested £3.6 million into research to improve treatments and care for people with lung conditions

Our helpline team supported 34,000 people with advice, information and a listening ear

15 million people got accurate, up-to-date and easy-to-digest health advice on our websites 

Get in touch

We’re here to help you! Whether you want to fundraise but aren’t sure what to do, or you want some advice about how to ask for donations, we can help. From roping in friends, family and colleagues, to thinking up weird and wonderful fundraising ideas, we’ve done it all and are on hand whenever you need.

We can also help with all the practical bits like paying in your fundraising and making sure you’ve got everything you need for the big day. Get in touch at events@asthmaandlung.org.uk or community@asthmaandlung.org.uk