Emma Chenski

London Marathon 2025

I’m running the London Marathon 2025 to raise money for other people like me with a history of asthma!

Every minute someone in the UK is diagnosed with a lung condition, and for me, that hit close to home. I've been battling asthma since I was 3 and know firsthand how scary and frustrating it can be. Running the London Marathon 2025 for Asthma + Lung UK is my way of giving back to the cause that's helped so many people like me.

I'd be incredibly grateful for any donation you can make, big or small. Together, let's help Asthma + Lung UK ensure everyone has the right to breathe.

Thank you so much


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Madeleine Green


Emma Chenski


Vangella Randell

You’re going to kill it!! ❤️‍🔥


Zoe Hu

Go, go, go!! You got this, Emma!!


Kendall Garvey


Caitlin Caron

good luck! looking forward to seeing a PB!!



I am also an asthmatic patient as well and even though I don’t have it as bad as others it is still a joy to be a helping hand for people that are just like me :)