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London Marathon 2025

I’m running the London Marathon 2025 to fight for lung health!

Every minute, someone in the UK is diagnosed with a lung condition. I want to make a difference. I'm running the London Marathon 2025 for Asthma + Lung UK, the only UK charity that fights for everyone’s right to breathe. Every pound I'm able to raise will take us a step closer to a world where everyone has healthy lungs.

Just £22 allows one of Asthma + Lung UK's nurses to answer a call on the Helpline, offering potentially lifesaving advice.

Fundraising works not because one person gives a lot, but because a lot of people give a bit, and I would be very grateful for any donations you could make! You can make a difference to people across the UK living with Asthma + Lung conditions. 

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Friday 7th Jun
Hi, if you don’t know me, my name is Chris. I live in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire and on the 27th April 2025 I will be running the London Marathon to raise money for ‘Asthma + Lung UK’. If you do know me then you will know that I am in no way fit enough to run a marathon.... yet. 

I have thought about taking on this challenge for a few years, but never took the plunge. My dad did the Seven Sisters Marathon in his youth, and has always had visible sense of pride when he talks about it. I’ve often thought to myself that I’d like that to be me one day. The catalyst for entering this year came  earlier this year when my mum was admitted to ITU after becoming acutely unwell with her breathing. She has always had asthma and has been hospitalised in the past with asthma attacks but this one was different. The incredible care she received from the ITU team and then the specialist Asthma consultant brought her back to us, and for that, I will be forever grateful.
Now I have the opportunity to raise some money for Asthma + Lung UK and help to fund the vital research into new treatments and pay for the Asthma specialist nurses on hand day and night for those that need them. 

I’ll be updating my blog regularly with my progress from where I am now as an occasional 5k runner to (hopefully) a marathon finisher in 2025. The hard work starts now! If you have read this far, and you are able to, please consider donating to the fund now. Even a small amount can make a difference. Wish me luck!

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Daniel Wise

Run, walk or crawl, just do it. Oh no sight seeing on the way.


Chris Foreman


Chris Foreman

Running shirts ordered. 1 for training and a fresh one for the big day