Take Steps towards
cleaner air, together.

Air pollution is an invisible killer that cuts people’s lives short. It can stunt the growth of children’s lungs, cause new lung conditions and worsen existing ones. There is no safe amount for anyone to breathe in, yet levels across the UK are very high in many places.

You shouldn’t be forced to breathe in dirty air, yet millions of us across the UK are surrounded by toxic air, damaging our health and worsening lung conditions.
Traffic emissions make up 80% of toxic pollution at the roadside – so by changing even one journey and choosing a cleaner option like walking, you can help deliver safer air for us all.

That’s why this June we are asking you to help protect our lungs, ditch your car and start taking steps towards cleaner air.

Join our Take Steps challenge to walk any distance, where you want, when you want.

You can even take on laps of the garden or flights of stairs if you're not leaving the house - it all counts! Our regular emails, tips, and advice will help you stay on track.

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And remember, the money you raise through Take Steps will help us in our fight for cleaner air.

Join Take Steps this year and pledge to be a clean air champion by… 

Signing our petition for new, life-saving clean air plans

Emailing your MP and telling them we need stronger clean air laws 

Switching your car for your feet, or a bike, for one journey every week 

Want to find out what air pollution is like in your area? Visit our digital map to find out more. 

Cleaner air for us all to breathe could prevent 36,000 people dying early 

Cleaner air could cut hospital admissions by 20,000, reducing the burden on our NHS 

Cleaner air could reduce asthma attacks and flare-ups of COPD 

Our partnership with NiQuitin 

This work is kindly supported by NiQuitin*. Find out more about our partnership to fight toxic air click here. 

*NiQuitin products contain nicotine. Stop smoking aids.
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