At Asthma + Lung UK, we believe that every breath matters - and that the right to breathe freely applies to everybody, regardless of income, age, ethnicity, gender, or background.

Whoever said, “We all breathe the same air” didn’t grow up in any of the places in the UK where air pollution exceeds the World Health Organisation’s recommended limits. Didn’t have to worry about being one of the 36,000 early deaths attributed to air pollution every year. Wasn’t in the 1 in every 5 people who will have a lung condition in their lifetime. Or one of the 5.4 million people in the UK living with asthma. 

Our vision is for a world where everyone has healthy lungs. A world where lung health is prioritised through better understanding, research, treatment and support. And we will be the driving force behind the transformation of lung health. 

From research and campaigning to advice and support, as the nation’s lung charity we are on a mission to change the way that lung health is perceived. Because breath is life - and that’s worth fighting for. 

Got a story to share with us?

We’d love to hear from you about your clean air campaigning or your experience if you have a connection to a lung condition.