Katie Burroughs

London Landmarks 2025

I’m running London Landmarks Half Marathon for Asthma + Lung UK!

Every minute, someone in the UK is diagnosed with lung disease. I'm running London Landmarks Half Marathon for Asthma + Lung UK, the only UK charity that fights for everyone’s right to breathe.

As most of you will know I have suffered with asthma my entire life. I had a heart attack at 8 weeks old (sorry about that, mum) and subsequently spent countless weeks in hospital year after year throughout primary school. Luckily I now only have it mildly but it still affects my ability to exercise (in particular, running); I need to take my inhalers twice daily and 30 minutes before exercise to be able to breathe properly. And let’s not forget the severe redness that comes with not being able to get enough air to your lungs during a run!! 

I am not the only one; 54 million people live with asthma in the UK; 1 in every 5 people will have a lung condition in their lifetime; NHS hospital admissions for lung conditions are rising three times faster than average admissions (and this was before the pandemic). This has only been made worse by continued poor air pollution which contributes to 36,000 early deaths every year. 

I was lucky to be diagnosed at an early age and have incredible care throughout my asthma journey. However, this sadly isn’t the same for a lot of people; NHS respiratory care is desperately lacking in funding despite lung disease being the third most common cause of death, costing the NHS more than £9 billion every year. 

Lung health needs to be prioritised at the top of the government’s health agenda through better understanding, research, treatment and support. Asthma + Lung UK are dedicated to helping create a world where good lung health and the ability to breathe freely are a basic right enjoyed by all.

By 2027 they aim to reduce deaths and ill-health caused by lung conditions by 20%. To do this, they need funding to help them achieve the following targets: 

  1. Prevent lung disease wherever they can. To fight for clean air, against smoking and to stop the injustice that lung disease hits the poorest hardest.
  2. Diagnose lung disease earlier and more accurately. To improve public awareness of the symptoms of lung disease and develop ways to diagnose lung conditions better and faster.
  3. Enable everyone to live well with a lung condition. To give the best possible support and information so people can stay well and out of hospital, and fight to make high-quality care a reality for all.
  4. Drive life-changing research and innovation. To push to triple public funding in this area to £150 million each year. 

It really is a privilege to now be in a healthy position to run the London Landmarks Half Marathon in April 2025. Myself and 54 million others will be incredibly grateful for any donations big or small that can help go towards the fight! (That includes you, vapers)

Additionally, if you’d like to come to support on April 6th, and see my tomato face run 13.1 miles, I’d absolutely love it 🍅

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