Take A Breath

By Caroline Hawkins

I’m swimming to make a difference!

As you know I have chronic asthma which is normally well managed.  This year I turn 64 and I am hoping to swim a mile (64.4) lengths by my birthday at the end of June.  Every minute, someone in the UK is diagnosed with a lung condition. Every pound I raise takes us closer to a world where everyone breathes clean air with healthy lungs.

Just £22 allows one of Asthma + Lung UK's nurses to answer a call on the Helpline, offering potentially lifesaving advice to someone in need.

Any donations you can give are hugely appreciated thank you for supporting me and everyone out there living with a lung condition.

My Achievements

My Updates

Done with 2 extra lengths to spare & post swim breakfast was superb!

Thursday 20th Jun
The lido at Peterborough was packed this morning and I finished with 2 extra lengths (couldn’t finish on an odd number so my extra 50m counted for two more regular 25m lengths)! Here’s a great big thank you for supporting me and Asthma & Lung UK to get a bit more awareness and help out into the wider space.  It’s no joke living with a condition that can literally take your breath away.  Hats off also to all those asthma nurses out there who support and encourage those who have no choice but to stop to take a breath💕thank you🤩💕

50 done 14 to go!

Friday 7th Jun
My swim has been a mixture of lido and local pool - it’s been so cold recently that I’ve done most at the local! Last 14 to go will hopefully be the Solstice Swim at the Lido and then a final flourish on my birthday!  I’ve only got a few pounds left of my target so with luck will crack it by the 28th!  

And away…

Saturday 27th Apr
I’ve done the first 14 lengths took a breath and swam my first 14 lengths in Oundle School Pool all in the 2m deep section!  I’m not the bravest as I like to touch the bottom occasionally but it’s been a leap of faith to put my big girl swimming costume on and go for it😂I might even manage 2 miles but I’ll decide on that later! 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Vyv Wainwright


Caroline Hawkins



Good luck, I hope the weather improves for you! xx


Oliver Proud

Well done!


Rosemary Smith

Well done Caro a great achievement 🥰 xx


Georgina Hawkins



Thanks Pam & Sue for your cash donation I’ve paid in on your behalf 👍


Hilary Zebedee

Well done Caroline, keep it up! 🏊‍♀️🥽 Xx