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Royal Parks Half Marathon 2024

I’m running the Royal Parks Half Marathon in the fight for breath!

As someone who lives with Asthma, I want to make a difference. I'm running the Royal Parks Half Marathon 2024 for Asthma + Lung UK, the only UK charity that fights for everyone’s right to breathe. Every pound I'm able to raise will take us a step closer to a world where everyone has healthy lungs.

Just £22 allows one of Asthma + Lung UK's nurses to answer a call on the Helpline, offering potentially lifesaving advice. I'd be very grateful for any donations you could make!

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The Beginning!

Tuesday 21st May
Hi everyone! 

Well… what on earth have I got myself into! 

I started my running journey a couple of weeks ago and can just about get through a 5k currently - but I’m passionate that I want to achieve my goal of running a half marathon and what better way to do it than to run in support of those who suffer with Asthma (like myself) and other lung conditions!

I have a long journey ahead of me to train up my little poorly lungs to withstand this sort of distance. I’m looking forward to the challenge ahead! Any donations will be so appreciated and if anyone has any advice please do send it my way! 

- Aoife :) 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Stephen Doherty

Good luck to my favourite daughter xx


Nuala Doherty

Good luck darling. We’ll be there cheering you on for a worthy cause x


Jacqui Harrison

Good luck Aoife xx









Josh H-y

Yassss Queen! 👸🏻


Katherine Dodds

Smash it beautiful! I’m so proud of you. I know you can do this 💪💞💫


Caren Dermot Corry

Best of luck to my beautiful niece ♥️


Caroline Williams

Good luck Aoife. Keep those legs running xx🏃‍♀️☘️